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  • Stainless Steel 439


    GB:022Cr18NbTi  BSEN:1.4509



    Stainless Steel 439


    The 439 steel grade is based on the ordinary ferrite material (430) to reduce the content of C, and the addition of stabilizing elements such as Ti, so that the steel species have improved intergranular corrosion resistance, formability and weldability.


    Compared with the 304 steel grade, although the elongation is low (about 30%), the strength and corrosion resistance are equivalent.

    Performance Table


    Grade and Main Chemical Composition%

    Grade C Si Mn P≤ S≤ Cr Mo Ni Other
    439 ≤0.05 ≤1.00 ≤1.00 0.04 0.015 16-18


    Mechanical Properties

    Grade YS(Mpa) ≥ TS (Mpa) ≥ El (%) ≥ Hardness(HV) ≤
    429 276 483 30 163


    Main Application
    Elevator, escalator decorative board,Building decorative panels, such as decorative structural parts, structural tubes,Automotive exhaust system components,Washing machine inner tube.